When Something Old is New Again

Away back in the dark ages I remember a song with similar words to those above, and then I heard music…

which made that old song ring clearly in my head. Cassiel Knight, Publisher of the Champagne Book Group agreed to look at a novel of mine and liked it. Ms. Knight, I’m thrilled to say, is now my current editor. When she said she wanted to republish a Romantic Fantasy I wrote sometime between those dark ages and the current moment, I couldn’t believe my good luck.

Whispers on the Wind, with a lovely new cover around a lot of new content, proved even more personally rewarding to work on than it did the first time around. With Cassie’s guidance and insightful editing, I was able to dig deeper into motivations and causes, build stronger characters, and flesh out incidents and events that needed it. I feel, with the changes wrought in this story, it has become what it should have been in the first place.


Briefly, Lenore, a no-nonsense accountant has a close encounter of the sexy kind with an invisible man who invades not only her bedroom, but her mind, begging her to help him. She’d refuse if she could, but she just can’t and so embarks on an adventure unlike anything she’d ever imagined. From the high Canadian Rockies to the Sonoran Desert, with tantalizing glimpses into Jonallo’s phantasmagoric homeworld, Lenore and her alien search for his missing companions and his kidnapped sister, fighting an ever shrinking window of time and intergalactic drug-lord every step of the way.

That would all be wonderful, except the alien must soon return to his own time and place, where Lenore cannot go…



This is Lenore, looking much more beautiful than she thinks she is, and Jonallo, her own, personal alien, with his “grass-green eyes” and lyrical, mysterious language, not to mention his totally compelling ways and tempting, sexy whispers.

Whispers on the Wind is set for release at http://www.champagnebooks.com on January 15th, 2020.

But for now, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! FireworksAnd offer my hopes that your 2020 promises to be as good as I’m sure mine is setting out to be. Wherever you are, whatever makes you happy, I like to think reading books is among your favorite pastimes, as it is mine—though I love writing them even more.


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